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Fri Aug 6 10:41:46 EDT 1999

>Philip wrote:

>"For those of you who are discussing film (movie) casting, I seem to recall
>Canning (denizen of Sirius B) has quite a detailed description, which
>dead white hair, I think straight, and I think shoulder length.  (Rather like
>the picture of Sophie on the Moving Castle cover you're all disliking so

I've just finished Dogsbody (uh, again) - what a great book.  When will
it be in print again?  

But yes, the Companion - as Mrs. Canning - is described as small,
delicate, dead white hair, dead white face and cheekbones and eyes which
slant upward, every so slightly.  Enchanting etc. luminous and so on -
and bad to the celestial bone.  Not a patch on the vibrant various
beauty of even one field of daisies on mother earth.  So, I still think
Gwyneth Paltrow in white powder would do it well - delicate, slanting
I used to worry about the end, when Sirius is hopeful that somehow
Kathleen will be able to become denizen of his Companion sphere, but she
seemed so remote at the end, wanting Leo and being so polite to the
over-awing Sirius.  But now it seems more hopeful to me, since Kathleen
was able to use the zoi, something I don't think I understood all the
implications of when I read it years ago.  It seems the big question is
- would she ever want to become his Companion?  And I guess that's
another story.

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