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Fri Aug 6 09:06:49 EDT 1999

Katherine Ferguson wrote:

> I haven't time ATM to express my opinions on the DWJ cover art, but when
> I do I'll be copying them as reviews to a page I've just made showing UK
> first edition hardback art. Also will add the rest of my DWJ collection
> over the next few days if anyone's interested. The first four are on the
> page currently at but this address
> may/will change. Please don't link to it or the images directly from
> other webpages just yet.

Nice page!  I had forgotten the Tooth, Ogre and C&C covers, in particular how
much better than the paperbacks they are.  Luke, though, is the edition I have.
It is my favourite DWJ cover, so I'm disappointed you don't like it.  I remember
being attracted to that cover right from the start, and when I had the
opportunity to buy the hardback ex-library a few years ago I went for it like
anything.  I still fail to understand how a book as good as that can spend
eleven years in a public library (acquisition and withdrawal stamps both
readable) and _still_ emerge in pristine condition!

Ironically, of the Dalemark books, the only hardback I have is Ammet.  It is
also the only DWJ on which I prefer the paperback cover...

BTW, if you are scanning cover art of first editions, I might be able to lend
you some dust jackets - e-mail me off list if you're interested.  I have first
editions (or reprints with identical covers) of at least Changeover, Ammet, Yes
Dear, Hexwood, Deep Secret, and the first UK editions of Sudden Wild Magic and
Dark Lord.  Unfortunately my Power of Three is damaged (I just read it too often
over the last 18 years) and my Witch Week has no dust jacket.

Other things:

For those of you who are discussing film (movie) casting, I seem to recall Mrs
Canning (denizen of Sirius B) has quite a detailed description, which includes
dead white hair, I think straight, and I think shoulder length.  (Rather like
the picture of Sophie on the Moving Castle cover you're all disliking so much?)

I'm off on holiday after today - eclipsing - so see you all in a week or so!


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