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On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, Courtney M Eckhardt wrote:

> >already.  Someday I will get a nice one (like I did for Robin McKinley's
> >_Beauty_; the PB has a way too pretty girl simpering at the reader, and some
> >fluke with the title flourishes makes it look like she has horns!  I gave it
> >away to my mother-in-law and got the trade edition, which is still not
> >perfect....)
> Brief lapse from topic here... I have a paperback edition of Beauty
> (perhaps even the same you mention?)  with an understatedly pretty
> young woman with curly auburn hair in a yellow dress standing on a
> huge sprawling staircase smelling a yellow rose... I really like this
> picture, actually. 

Hunted down mine (we've been rearranging bookcases): a young woman
sitting sidesaddle on a white horse, in front of a large complicated
castle. She's probably a strawberry blonde, but the picture is too
small to see that clearly. I rather like it, whoever painted it has
obviously read the book or at least looked through it.

Is this the one you call the trade edition? It's the Futura/Orbit one
of 1986.


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