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Thu Aug 5 22:10:09 EDT 1999

On 4 Aug 99 15:52:35 PDT, Sarah Imholt wrote:

>     Let me take this opportunity to gripe about my least favorite DWJ cover
>of all time-the ACE Fantasy 1986 paperback of Howl's Moving Castle. 

<snip horribly accurate description>

This is the one I have.  You wouldn't believe the trouble I have getting
adults to take it seriously as a reading option.  It just looks so DUMB.
Sophie's got grey hair and a granny dress--and a YOUTHFUL UNLINED FACE.  Ick
ick ick.  I should have grabbed the hardcover when I had the chance, but I
was poor at the time--had to save my money for buying books I didn't have
already.  Someday I will get a nice one (like I did for Robin McKinley's
_Beauty_; the PB has a way too pretty girl simpering at the reader, and some
fluke with the title flourishes makes it look like she has horns!  I gave it
away to my mother-in-law and got the trade edition, which is still not

Melissa Proffitt
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