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Thu Aug 5 16:28:39 EDT 1999

On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Peter W. Meek wrote:

>In general, putting something up on the Web is publishing. The
>only way I can see to justify re-publishing book covers is to
>make the images part of a review, where quite a bit of latitude
>is allowed for quoting and copying. I've done this on many of
>my book pages, and even on my page of quotes from books I like.

This is certainly my outlook for my Antonia Forest website.

I haven't time ATM to express my opinions on the DWJ cover art, but when
I do I'll be copying them as reviews to a page I've just made showing UK
first edition hardback art. Also will add the rest of my DWJ collection
over the next few days if anyone's interested. The first four are on the
page currently at but this address
may/will change. Please don't link to it or the images directly from
other webpages just yet.
Katherine Ferguson
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