On Second Thought (Was RE: Actors)

Denise DeGraf amergin at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 5 15:24:36 EDT 1999

At 03:01 PM 8/5/99, Elise wrote:
>Because I just realized what hollywood could potentially *do* if they
>bought the rights to an excellent book like Homeward Bounders.  Gone are
>the main characters.  The whole story becomes a starring vehicle for Tom
>Cruise as Konstam the Great Demon Hunter.  Konstam v. Them.  Konstam
>seeks wisdom from Him on his Rock.  Konstam falls in love with a med
>student from another world (no doubt Nicole Kidman) and they have a
>risque sex scene after escaping a thrilling demon assault.
>So forget these emails were ever sent and, for pity's sake, don't put it
> >in the archive!

*snicker*  I was just thinking much along the same lines today, except with 
the Chrestomanci series...  There used to be a series of rather annoying 
shows here in America called the AfterSchool Specials (appropriately 
named), which were built along the "child conquers problem and learns about 
life" premise, complete with Obvious Turning Point in the child's Incorrect 
Attitude.  I just had this nasty vision of Brian and Mr. Wentworth having a 
Genuine Father-Son-Understanding Moment (Witch Week) or the warring 
families in Magician of Caprona making some sappy statement about How It Is 
Great To Be Friends... *shudder*  Knowing the show, the producers would 
have picked a random Very Old Man (Richard Mulligan!) to play Chrestomanci, 
since Age Equals Wisdom in film values...
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