On Second Thought (Was RE: Actors)

McMullin, Elise mcmullea at kl.com
Thu Aug 5 15:01:21 EDT 1999

Hmm, I should not have said:
>"Speaking of Konstam.... I don't like Tom Cruise very much at all, but I
>can see him as Konstam.  He's very short too, though I understand he
>goes to great lengths (heh heh) to appear taller. And they do say in HB
>that Joram & Konstam seems to have American accents.  And although my
book inspired idea of Konstam is that he looks Indian."

Because I just realized what hollywood could potentially *do* if they
bought the rights to an excellent book like Homeward Bounders.  Gone are
the main characters.  The whole story becomes a starring vehicle for Tom
Cruise as Konstam the Great Demon Hunter.  Konstam v. Them.  Konstam
seeks wisdom from Him on his Rock.  Konstam falls in love with a med
student from another world (no doubt Nicole Kidman) and they have a
risque sex scene after escaping a thrilling demon assault.
So forget these emails were ever sent and, for pity's sake, don't put it
>in the archive! 
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