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Thu Aug 5 14:45:47 EDT 1999

>Courtney said:
>"Someone made a comment about Gwyneth Paltrow being Sirius's
>Companion... but was the Companion described as being small and
delicate and having dark hair?"

Hmm I always pictured her as a very ladylike blond.  This question
inspired me to go to the library and get out Dogsbody to read again
after a long hiatus, so I will soon know whether she is described. So
far they've only said she looked "small, delicate and pearly." 
>"As for Janine from Deep Secret... I almost think Minnie Driver could
>do that part.  She's got the dark hair, and I bet she could do
scathing really well, if given the chance..."

The only dwj character I can picture Minnie Driver as is Lady Alexandra,
last surviving wife of Timos IX - well, more or less last.  Oh wait, I
could also see her as the grown up Millie in Charmed Life. Yeeeesss,
definitely. Although the book inspired Millie I pictured as having light
brown hair, but can't think of anyone who looks like my mental image.

Jeanine Garafolo I can picture as the news woman Tina Gianetti at the
convention.  Interestingly, I had a hard time figuring out what a sob in
the voice would sound like, as Maree's voice was described by Rupert,
but I think it must sound like Jeanine Garafolo's voice, only with an
English accent ;)  

Or possibly a grown up Helen from Homeward Bounders, if they felt they
had to grow them up.  Or even a fellow demon hunter from Konstam's
world, though no such character presently exists - although I can
picture her sniping with a younger brother as Adam's older sister -
forgotten her name (and though she is not red haired and can't imagine
her with a dye job)....  And why not one of the Montanas or Petrocchis
in Caprona? But despite this, I don't see her as Maree - I guess because
Maree is so passionate and stubborn and Jeanine seems to be more an
observant smart aleck commentator.

Speaking of Konstam.... I don't like Tom Cruise very much at all, but I
can see him as Konstam.  He's very short too, though I understand he
goes to great lengths (heh heh) to appear taller. And they do say in HB
that Joram & Konstam seems to have American accents.  And although my
book inspired idea of Konstam is that he looks Indian.

But I think Julia Sawala (or Saffron from AbFab as I know her better)
would be a great Maree!  Perfect!  I was thinking Cate Blanchett for
Sophie as well and Jennifer Connelly *would* be a good Letty.

 I adhere to Nicole Kidman as the nonpareil witch of the waste.  Maybe
even as Janine, since she is so very thin.  She plays a really poisonous
bad guy - as in Malice and that t.v. reporter movie (oh what was that).
And in these magazine cover photos splattered all over the place
recently, she looks like such an ego-, megalo-, anykindof-, maniac.

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