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>      Let me take this opportunity to gripe about my least favorite DWJ cover
> of all time-the ACE Fantasy 1986 paperback of Howl's Moving Castle.  I would
> never have purchased this book solely because of the ridiculous cover, 
> for the fact that only other copy I knew of was at the library.  Let me
> explain...First of all, Sophie looks like she is a 12 year old playing dress
> up--her hair looks like a white wig (yet her eyebrows are black) and she has
> no wrinkes whatsoever.  SHe also is wearing rainbow striped socks.(?)  FOr
> some reason, the dog that becomes Percival has a pair of spectacles perched 
> his nose, Michael looks about 30 and is having what can only be called a bad
> hair day.  Calcifer is composed of far too much blue and green and is 
> about 6 feet out and over the fireplace.  FInally, Howl is wearing a blue
> tunic with PINK trim (pink!) and elfin-type footwear.  This ensemble does 
> really go with the haystack of yellow hair he appears to have, plus he looks
> just senseless and ugly.  Not like one who spends 2+ hours in the bathroom
> every day.  The only this this illustrator managed to get right was the 
> face of the scarecrow.  APparently no one told him that the castle does not
> harbor a family of screech owls nor an electric guitar (see back cover).
>     I have been holding that in for a long time!  Has anyone else seen this
> edition?  

        No, But I HAVE to see it now!

> I was so happy to finally acquire a much nicer hardcover with Calcifer in 
the shape > of the castle behind a Howl with flying sleeves.  The other does 
the story no justice > at all.

        Yes, that's the one I have too.  I like Howl's surcoat (I guess 
that's what you'd call it).  And Calcifer looks suitably malevolent.

>(I too loved An Ideal Husband.  Jeremy Northam was WONDERFUL in Emma--also 
>v. good in The Winslow Boy)

        I haven't seen this version of The Winslow Boy.  If I'd known Jeremy 
Northam was in it I would have!  Time to go to the video store....(assuming 
it's on video by now).
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