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>Thanks for the comments on An Ideal Husband.  My husband and I are going to
>see it pretty soon, as soon as we can find time and a babysitter....

 >>    Hmm, here's a thought.  What DWJ character could Hugh Grant play?  I 
 >>him, but I can't match him with a character.  Any ideas?
 >Somebody stuttery and diffident, probably.  He's always played the same sort
 >of character.

        That's true, except did you ever see "An Awfully Big Adventure"?  He 
was an extremely unsavoury character in that.  He does the stuttery, 
diffident character very well.  I was watching "Four Weddings and a Funeral" 
this evening and wincing and laughing through the excruciating girlfriends 

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