Actors, covers, and an aside

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Wed Aug 4 19:20:15 EDT 1999

>As for Janine from Deep Secret... I almost think Minnie Driver could
>do that part.  She's got the dark hair, and I bet she could do
>scathing really well, if given the chance...

I'm not so sure I'm with you on that one - I can see Minnie Driver as Maree
better than as Sophie, but Janine has to be skinnier.  Minnie Driver's got
that nice rounded face which doesn't strike me as Janine-ishly venomous at

What about Robert Sean Leonard as Nick?  (For any others out there who are
as bad at matching names to faces as I am, Leonard was Claudio in Much Ado
About Nothing, and also in Dead Poet's Society).  Nick would have to have
that innocent, boyish look, and then you'd need a good actor to pull off
the -but-can-you-trust-him part!

On the covers, I really like the F & H cover that Courtney mentioned.  It
was the only one I'd seen too - I think we had it checked out of the
library for about four months - until I got the Berkeley pb from
Bibliofind.  What a come-down!  I'd love to see the artist who did
McKillip's Atrix Wolfe and Winter Rose let loose on F & H.  Generally an
author who seems to have done pretty well with covers and illustrations
(over this side of the Atlantic anyway) is Joan Aiken.  I have very old
copies of the earlier books (Puffin), and now Red Fox has re-issued them,
and both sets are good.  (To go back to a very, very long ago comment - and
this would be a spoiler for anyone who hadn't read all Joan Aiken's
Dido/Simon/Is books through Cold Shoulder Road - does anyone else see a
resemblance between Mitt of the Dalemark books and Simon?  Partly in
character, but also in terms of the fate that befalls them at the end.  I
had exactly the same gut reaction to Mitt's finding he was of the Undying
as I had to Simon ending up - ouch - Simon's worse -  more alone.  I keep
hoping Joan Aiken will write another book which will at least make it more

Sorry for the digression. Back to covers - anyone else seen Sherwood
Smith's Crown Duel?  I really liked that one - only "tough chick" fantasy
type cover which would actually make me want to look twice at the book
(which, happily, lived up to the cover).

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