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Wed Aug 4 18:52:35 EDT 1999

     Let me take this opportunity to gripe about my least favorite DWJ cover
of all time-the ACE Fantasy 1986 paperback of Howl's Moving Castle.  I would
never have purchased this book solely because of the ridiculous cover, except
for the fact that only other copy I knew of was at the library.  Let me
explain...First of all, Sophie looks like she is a 12 year old playing dress
up--her hair looks like a white wig (yet her eyebrows are black) and she has
no wrinkes whatsoever.  SHe also is wearing rainbow striped socks.(?)  FOr
some reason, the dog that becomes Percival has a pair of spectacles perched on
his nose, Michael looks about 30 and is having what can only be called a bad
hair day.  Calcifer is composed of far too much blue and green and is looming
about 6 feet out and over the fireplace.  FInally, Howl is wearing a blue
tunic with PINK trim (pink!) and elfin-type footwear.  This ensemble does not
really go with the haystack of yellow hair he appears to have, plus he looks
just senseless and ugly.  Not like one who spends 2+ hours in the bathroom
every day.  The only this this illustrator managed to get right was the turnip
face of the scarecrow.  APparently no one told him that the castle does not
harbor a family of screech owls nor an electric guitar (see back cover).
     I have been holding that in for a long time!  Has anyone else seen this
edition?  I was so happy to finally acquire a much nicer hardcover with
Calcifer in the shape of the castle behind a Howl with flying sleeves.  The
other does the story no justice at all.
     WHew!  Thanks for providing the outlet for my frustration.  
(I too loved An Ideal Husband.  Jeremy Northam was WONDERFUL in Emma--also v.
good in The Winslow Boy)


Hawkeye:  What did he try that I didn't?

BJ:  Sincerity.

Hawkeye:  Sincerity, eh?  I can fake that.

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