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McMullin, Elise mcmullea at
Wed Aug 4 17:34:59 EDT 1999

>> of unreadable, I have even come across an abridged edition of the Narnia
>> chronicles, if you can believe it--don't know who published those, but
>> really, is nothing sacred?)

Rebecca replied:
>"I was reading in the 'Companion to Narnia' that there were
>altered/abridged editions that were made for the US Market. Apparently
>Lewis was asked to change some terminology as well cut some scenes. I'm an
>Aussie living in Canada and come across US editions of commonwealth books
fairly often. Bizarre."

>Ugh, this whole abridging thing sounds awful.  Why? Why?

For no reason at all,  I just want to say that The Horse and His Boy was
my favorite. Also, I greatly liked The Silver Chair and the Magician's
Nephew.  I loved that part where they witness the very creation of
Narnia.  I loved the illustrations too.  While I don't know, I am
surmising they were the Pauline Baynes ones.  I used to sit outside on a
summer day with the entire stack of the Chronicles and just start and
keep going.

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