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I'm new to the list (thanks to Kylie Preisig!),

Tanaquil2 at wrote:

> I get finicky over the Narnia stories with the covers illustrated
> by Pauline Baynes.  For me part of the magic of the stories was those
> jewel-coloured covers and the illustrations inside.  I find it very hard
> to read the stories in other but those Puffin editions.  

Sometimes it depends on what was the cover illustration when you first
read the stories. I read only a few library editions of the Narnia series
with the Pauline Baynes covers, but read and purchased the entire series
in the Lion editions. These were fabulous, BTW. They each folded out to
make a complete picture of the front-back-spine combination, and they were
realistic looking pictures that mostly matches my impressions. I have
managed to obtain a complete double series of these that I am trying to
get the nerve to cut off to frame (gasp!) John Christopher's 'The tripods
Trilogy' had a edition that made a montage when all three covers were
placed together.

> of unreadable, I have even come across an abridged edition of the Narnia
> chronicles, if you can believe it--don't know who published those, but
> really, is nothing sacred?)

I was reading in the 'Companion to Narnia' that there were
altered/abridged editions that were made for the US Market. Apparently
Lewis was asked to change some terminology as well cut some scenes. I'm an
Aussie living in Canada and come across US editions of commonwealth books
fairly often. Bizarre.


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