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Wed Aug 4 14:02:22 EDT 1999

>        "He was such a dashing specimen too, with a bony, sophisticated 
>face--really quite old, well into his twenties." (HMC Greenwillow 1986. page 
>10).  Rupert Everett may not be bony, but I think he could pull off 
>sophisticated.  ; ) .  I could see him jilting the Witch of the Waste.

Well, I can definitely see him playing the part.

I can almost never picture the characters in novels, not enough to see which
actors would play them.  Sometimes--but usually it works out that I see
someone actually playing the part and think "he's exactly the way I imagined
the character should be."

Thanks for the comments on An Ideal Husband.  My husband and I are going to
see it pretty soon, as soon as we can find time and a babysitter....

>Jeremy Northam's in 
>it too.  I loved him as Mr. Knightley in "Emma". 

OOh, me too.  He was so good.

>    Hmm, here's a thought.  What DWJ character could Hugh Grant play?  I like 
>him, but I can't match him with a character.  Any ideas?

Somebody stuttery and diffident, probably.  He's always played the same sort
of character.

Melissa Proffitt
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