Question about Howl's Saucepan Song

Philip.Belben at Philip.Belben at
Wed Aug 4 12:19:04 EDT 1999

>> I should very much like to see a copy of the music.  Is there an easy way you
>> could post that?
> Easy, no; I'd have to write it out, scan it, and because I think is
> rude to post a binary file to a mailing list, either ask people to
> ask me for it or put it on my web page (probably both).
> Possible, yes. If I pluck up the courage I might even put a .ra up,
> but that's probably better left to a real Cymr[o|aes]. How much
> interest is there, anyway?

Many thanks, but there is no need to go to that sort of trouble.  I just did a
web search on Sospan Fach (one site called it Sospan Vach!  Ugh!  As if I
couldn't pronounce it in the correct spelling!) and I found at least two sites
where one can order a printed copy for a few pounds.

Most web versions seem to have the second verse in which Little Dai has
something to do with a soldier (I have only a few words of Welsh, unfortunately)
rather than the one you posted.  (I prefer yours.)


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