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McMullin, Elise mcmullea at
Wed Aug 4 11:43:40 EDT 1999

That Iaon fellow someone posted a link toward looked like a very likely
Howl to me.

To all the Chrestomanci possibilities I keep thinking, "Yes....well,
maybe." Good thing I'm not a casting director!  It's just that I see
Chrestomanci as being hmm, one of those long, lithe fellows.  I picture
him having a thin, straight nose with thin nostrils.  I picture smoothe
straight black hair.  And most of all, I picture him as one of those
folks who has an air of cleanness about them.  And I'm not just talking
about frequent bathing - just extraordinarily clean somehow - which
would be why it is so distressing to see him get disarranged in battle
magical.  Someone upon whom linen would not dare crease and wrinkle.
And I guess I find it hard to match these things to an actor because so
many actors seem to know that they can fall back on charm, but I imagine
Chrestomanci never bothering with that, although he is charming and
well-mannered, but the thing he always has to fall back on is magic.
I'm not saying this very well!  I don't picture him looking like quite
the sardonic sartorial chap they have in the new American edition
illustrations.  Yes, he has all these dashing things going on, but they
aren't the main things about him.  I guess that I think Rupert Everett
comes closest to the nose, the coloring and the clothes (at least after
seeing Ideal Husband).  Day Lewis in Room With a View had that
super-cleanly thing, the coloring and that delicate look I picture -
very very close but of course playing a prim and pompous, overstarched
character in that movie.

But I know one thing.  I would definitely cast Nicole Kidman as the
Witch of the Waste. Oh absolutely.

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