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>> Here's my DWJ cover directory:

>I love the idea of scanning in covers like this - but has anyone looked into
>      the copyright issues?

In general, putting something up on the Web is publishing. The
only way I can see to justify re-publishing book covers is to
make the images part of a review, where quite a bit of latitude
is allowed for quoting and copying. I've done this on many of
my book pages, and even on my page of quotes from books I like.
I have simply declared that if I quote an author, it should be
construed as being part of a favorable review of either a single 
work (if it is so identified) or of that author's entire _ouvre_.

So go ahead and make up a simple web page that displays the
images which is headed by a statement that they are part
of a favorable review. (I like favorable; how can an artist
or author turn down a favorable review?) I suggest putting
this page in the same directory as the images and naming it
index.html so that someone going to the directory gets the
"review" page rather than a list of the files.

With his permission, Denise might even use Phillip's posting
as the review (couldn't be entirely favorable, though) and
make each title into a link to the picture file. That would 
take about 5 minutes with a simple text editor. 

In fact here it is. It needs a comment and link about the sfa-spell 
cover though. If you *do* use Phillip's comments, you should get
his permission, and attribute to him properly.

Otherwise edit the text around the links to suit yourself.
Snip and save the text between the === lines and save to
a file called index.html (don't overwrite your own index-page;
I suggest mirroring your online directory structure on the
computer where your create your web pages.)

<title>DWJ cover reviews</title>
<h2>DWJ cover reviews</h2>

<p>The only one of those 
I have ever seen before is 
<a href="">Sudden Wild Magic</a>
 - my brother managed to obtain an 
Avonova edition before it was published
over here, and it was passed around the 
family many times before the Gollancz
edition was published - and I still think 
of Gladys in terms of that picture.
In fact it took me several reads of the 
book to realise that that picture
_doesn't_ represent anything that happened 
in the book - Gladys didn't go
flying: she used her overgrown garden 
as a wood and mapped it onto part of the
"very thorny wood" that separated the worlds.

<p>I like the picture on 
<a href="">Lives</a>
 - captures 
the atmosphere very well, if not very
accurate (well not in accordance with my 
mental picture - and where's that

<p>The picture on 
<a href="">Goon</a>
 is very good.  A more 
American goon than had ever occured to
me - but still gets the character spot on.  
Don't like the spaceship drawings,
though.  I always saw Howard's interest as 
technical rather than artistic...

<p><a href="">Dogsbody</a>?
  Almost as bad as the Teens edition.  
Dog's the wrong colour.  And if
that scene is the bit I think it is, Kathleen 
has quite the wrong expression on
her face, and shouldn't still be holding the zoi.

<a href="">Witch Week</a>
 cover is better drawn than 
the UK hardback cover (which ran for
several editions I think), but I'm not sure 
I like the characters.

<p>Finally the 
<a href="">Charmed Life</a> 
cover.  Nice concept, shame about the execution.

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