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Helen Scott throgmorton at
Wed Aug 4 09:52:59 EDT 1999

>     Hmm, here's a thought.  What DWJ character could Hugh Grant play?  I 
>him, but I can't match him with a character.  Any ideas?

I'm afraid that I don't think Hugh Grant can act anything but that one 
character that he does so well.  Even in Sense and Sensibility he was 
playing the same character.  How about one of the wizards from A Sudden Wild 
Magic?  I can't remember, but one of them must have fitted the character.

I probably mentioned him before but I think Ioan Gruffudd would play Howl 
really well.  For a start, with a name like that, he's welsh.  And he has 
the interesting sort of face that would fit, plus, he's a really good actor 
and he's young enough.  I found a fan site if anyone wants to take a look 
( and I think this picture is a good one:

>does anyone happen to know or remember the name of the actor who
>played Peter Wimsey on tv.  Not Ian Carmichael, the other one.  I think his
>first name may really have been Peter.

>     Max

Do you mean Edward Petherbridge?  If so, then he's a little old.  He might 
make a good very first Chrestomanci. doesn't list anyone else and 
he's the only Wimsey that I remember (apart from Carmichael).


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