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 >>        No, wait a minute.  Wasn't someone else talking at one time about 
 >>casting "Howl's Moving Castle" ?  Well, don't laugh, but how about Rupert 
 >>Everett and Minnie Driver?
 >I like Minnie Driver for Sophie, especially after hearing her do the voice
 >for Jane in Disney's Tarzan.  I love Rupert Everett...but isn't he maybe a
 >little too handsome for Howl?  I think the description is something like, he
 >has a thin, interesting face, or is trying to have one.  He could probably
 >play the part REALLY well, but I can't see him matching the physical

        "He was such a dashing specimen too, with a bony, sophisticated 
face--really quite old, well into his twenties." (HMC Greenwillow 1986. page 
10).  Rupert Everett may not be bony, but I think he could pull off 
sophisticated.  ; ) .  I could see him jilting the Witch of the Waste.  I 
think what really made me think of him (aside from the fact that everyone 
refers to him as heartless in  the movie!) is that in the movie the 
heartlessness is a well-cultivated persona for someone whose heart is in fact 
in the right place.  So he had the vanity down perfectly, and the slithering 
out of commitments, but when it came down to it the people he cared about 
could count on him, just like Howl--softhearted rather than heartless.
 >So, how did you like An Ideal Husband?

    I liked it a lot.  If you haven't seen it yet but are planning to, don't 
be put off by the first three to five minutes where the camera does a bit of 
swirling around London's high society, and it seems like you're in for 120 
minutes of a shallow, irritating movie about shallow, irritating people.  You 
aren't, and about 5 minutes into things, while you're wondering whether or 
not you can get your money back from the box office, the stakes are suddenly 
raised and you're hooked....  (Really, they should pay me; I think that 
recommendation's worth a good six or seven bucks.... )  Jeremy Northam's in 
it too.  I loved him as Mr. Knightley in "Emma".  (He was as good a Mr. 
Knightley as David Rintoul was a Mr. Darcy in the old BBC "Pride and 
Prejudice").  But I think he's somewhat overshone (outshone? overshadowed? 
no, overshone says it better) by Rupert Everett's charisma--though that may 
also have something to do with the character JN's playing.  And his 
moustache.  He has one in this movie and it makes him can I put 
this?...unreliable.  He is not a moustache kind of guy somehow.
    Hmm, here's a thought.  What DWJ character could Hugh Grant play?  I like 
him, but I can't match him with a character.  Any ideas?  And a propos of 
nothing, does anyone happen to know or remember the name of the actor who 
played Peter Wimsey on tv.  Not Ian Carmichael, the other one.  I think his 
first name may really have been Peter.  It's been bugging me for the past 

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