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Tue Aug 3 23:07:41 EDT 1999

On Tue, 3 Aug 1999 16:51:45 EDT, Tanaquil2 at wrote:
> >I did know this name.  Now I can't remember.  I don't think I have any books
> >with his covers...don't like Celts-in-space, don't have Kushner's
> >_Swordspoint_ or _Thomas the Rhymer_...but I remember that his name always
> >conjures up images of Celtic fantasy, for some reason.  In fact, I'd
> >nominate his cover art as an example of tying text and cover together
> >closely, because as I think about it, almost all the stuff he's done has
> >been of those Celtic high fantasy things.  He does a lot of Diana Paxson's
> >books too.
>        Tom Canty I think

If you think so, it's probably right, because that's the name I came up with
but wasn't sure about.

>        Someone mentioned the "Archer's Goon" covers.  Did you mean the one 
>where the Goon's speared a piece of chocolate cake on his knife (that knife) 
>and he just looks too large for the room?  

That's the one.

>        No, wait a minute.  Wasn't someone else talking at one time about 
>casting "Howl's Moving Castle" ?  Well, don't laugh, but how about Rupert 
>Everett and Minnie Driver?

I like Minnie Driver for Sophie, especially after hearing her do the voice
for Jane in Disney's Tarzan.  I love Rupert Everett...but isn't he maybe a
little too handsome for Howl?  I think the description is something like, he
has a thin, interesting face, or is trying to have one.  He could probably
play the part REALLY well, but I can't see him matching the physical

So, how did you like An Ideal Husband?

Melissa Proffitt
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