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>> That's the copy I have.  However, the first one I ever saw was a hardcover
>> edition which had a huge hulking man holding hands with a small boy--I think
>> they were either silhouettes or facing away from the viewer.  But based on
>> that cover, I didn't pick up _Archer's Goon_ for years!  I assumed VERY
>> wrongly what the story was about, based on that picture.
>Always a mistake to avoid DWJ.  But I must admit that cover does sound

I used to tease a friend of mine, who had the bad habit as a teen of reading
and loving one book by an author, but never seeking out any other titles by
the same author.  She did this with several different writers.  Lately I
realize I did the same thing with DWJ!  I think I read _Spellcoats_ and
_Power of Three_ when I was a young teen, loved them, and NEVER READ
ANYTHING ELSE BY DWJ until I was in college!!!  How stupid could I get?  :)

>> I get very attached to books the way they were when I read them the first
>> time.  Like the hardcover editions of the Menolly books, which as I recall
>> are very plain and stylized...but for me, that's what I remember.  Or the
>I don't recall them.  I recall a series of (PB) covers for McCaffery's Dragon
>books that all had - I don't know how to describe this - really inventive though
>quite finnicky pictures of dragons.  The key feature of most of the dragons was
>streamery bits flowing back from every available bit of head or wing.  In
>retrospect, a bit silly, but I love dragons and it was those pictures that kept
>me going with the series.

I've seen those--and my attachment to the hardcovers (and who published
those?  Atheneum, maybe?  I'm sure if I took the time to pull up Netscape I
could look it up.  Bone lazy, me.) kept me from liking the PB very much.
Even though they *were* pretty. Right now all I have is a Book Club Omnibus
of _The Harper Hall of Pern_.  Ugh.  I never join book clubs any more now
that I'm wealthy <g> enough to afford Real Books.  They always change the
typeface, the binding is terrible, and it's Just Not the Same.
>> Riddlemaster trilogy--VERY dear to my heart--with the cover art that looks
>> like impressionistic oils.  It's not that they're objectively nice, but that
>> I have strong associations with them.
>I suspect that the covers of my Riddle Master trilogy are the same as yours.

Well, I don't actually own those hardcover editions.  I had a chance to get
_Heir of Sea and Fire_ (and those were almost certainly Atheneum.  Probably)
but was feeling cheap, after spending about $65 on two volumes from Hypatia
Press.  Someday....

>Yes, good covers, though I couldn't quite make the shape of the vesta horns fit
>the text.  I do remember a frontispiece - obviously a different illustrator -
>giving Raederle a body about six sizes too big for her head, though...

Ooh yeah.  Those are the Darrell Sweet PB editions.  That is the weirdest
picture, isn't it?  I love the dress she's wearing in the picture, but if
she really had that much hair she'd have three minions following her around
like caddies.

Mine are signed.  And personally inscribed.

Melissa Proffitt
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