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	Well, since I had some free time today, I decided to join in the "covers" 
debate and post scans of the older covers I have for reference.  They're 
all stuck in a directory since I am too lazy to make a full-blown HTML page 
at the moment! :^)  Out of mine, I like the Witch Week and Sudden Wild 
Magic covers the best--they seem to convey the characters accurately.  I 
don't particularly like the style on Charmed Life, partially because it is 
simply bizarre and also because Cat looks like he is on drugs.
Here's my DWJ cover directory:
			Info on what I have scanned:
Witch Week (my first DWJ!), Bullseye 1988 (art Pamela Patrick)
The Lives of Christopher Chant, Bullseye 1990 (art Jim Warren)
Dogsbody, Bullseye 1990 (Pamela Patrick)
Archer's Goon, Berkeley Fantasy 1987 (artist ??)
A Sudden Wild Magic, AvoNova 1994 (artist  ??)
Stopping For A Spell, Puffin 1996 (David Gaadt)
Charmed Life, Pocket Books 1980 (artist ??)

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