Covers too (WasRE: titles...)

cme at MIT.EDU cme at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 3 19:57:22 EDT 1999

>Is there anyone else out there other than me that is such a DWJ collecting
>nutcase that they are not only trying to collect every title, but every
>edition of every title?  I currenly have 61 DWJ books covering 32 different
>titles.  I love seeing all the different covers!  Someday I plan to scan
>them all and offer them to the DWJ website.

Oooh... sounds lovely!  Can I help, can I, can I?

(Yes, today was a mail catch-up day- I had a shift as a desk monitor at
my dorm, which gave me two hours to myself with a Decstation...)

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