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PREISIG, Kylie Kylie.Preisig at
Tue Aug 3 19:37:25 EDT 1999

> Don't you believe it.  My particular pet hate is the Teens 
> edition of Dogsbody.
> Ugh ugh ugh.  (Dog of quite the wrong breed and colouring 
> against background of
> stars.)  But the first edition had an excellent cover, by an 
> illustrator who had
> read the book (or at least a good spec for the cover).

You should see the cover of the Berkley edition (1986) of _Fire and
Hemlock_!  A sexy woman clad in a practically see-through white robe on a
horse with some fire and hemlock in the foreground.  Definitely not trying
to sell to the usual DWJ audience!

And has anyone noticed how the Mandarin editions of The Dalemark Quartet
that have an anonymous fantasy landscape on the cover rather than scenes
from the book (showing children) seem to get shelved in the adult sections
of libraries and bookstores?  Looks like there are a few people out there
who judge books by their covers.

Is there anyone else out there other than me that is such a DWJ collecting
nutcase that they are not only trying to collect every title, but every
edition of every title?  I currenly have 61 DWJ books covering 32 different
titles.  I love seeing all the different covers!  Someday I plan to scan
them all and offer them to the DWJ website.

Brisbane, Queensland
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