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Tue Aug 3 18:49:56 EDT 1999

>Tepid title and yick-covers can hinder but they won't stop, though.
>Sometimes I get very finicky over the cover illustrations to dwj books,
>but I know I'll be thrilled with the contents.  With dwj covers I often
>feel like the illustration doesn't match my idea of the story - and yet
>they are always accurate insofar as they depict characters and events
>from the story.  I think I might prefer it if they showed a scene but no
>characters on the cover - so there would be no dissonance with the
>pictures in my mind.  Not sure though.  I thought the cover
>illustrations to the new editions of Lives of Christopher Chant (and the
>little Chrestomanci portrait they have on all the Chrestomanci books)
>was really good - a really good flavorful Chrestomanci.  Unmistakably
>Chrestomanci and none other.   It's just not the same person I had in
>mind, exactly.

Interesting... I *didn't* like the cover pictures of the new editions.
I do think you're right about the littel portrait of Chestomanci being
unmistakeably him and no one else, and I was impressed that
Christopher on the cover of _Lives_ did in fact look like a boy
version of that portrait, but that portrait was *not at all* the way I
*knew* Chrestomanci looked!  I can see him quite clearly... and he's
got his vague look on, and that protrait just doesn't have anything to
do with the famous vague look.

I have a paperback copy of Chamed Life that would have been a new
printing maybe... eight years ago?  Six?  It has a picture of
Gwendolyn (unmistakably Gwendolyn and not Janet) stading with Cat and
the dragon in the magic garden... and somehow they didn't look the way
they had in my mind (Gwendolyn was closer than Cat, but the dragon was
*way* off), but it was somehow okay, because it was also right... I
really can't explain it any better than that, I'm afriad.

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