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Paula Burch pburch at
Tue Aug 3 18:22:07 EDT 1999

> I saw a copy of Acorna the weekend before last on the secondhand
> stall at the local market.  Yes, I got all the same messages as
> people on this list are getting.  No, I didn't buy it...

My husband got it out of the library, and I read it. I can confirm
that the book was very well named. It and its sequel are among
McCaffrey's worst, which is saying a lot. It's a sad thing when 
authors get so popular that they are encouraged to write dreck,
because it will sell just as well as their earlier better work.

About book covers, it seems to me to be unfair to an author to pay
much attention to them, if you can help it at all. Authors must have
very little control on this point, judging from the number of cover
pictures that have nothing whatever to do with the story. So I try to
ignore the covers, and just read the first few pages or go by the
author or other people's recommendations. It is a delight when the
whole book is packaged the way it should be, though.  

Paula Burch
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