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Tue Aug 3 16:44:32 EDT 1999

I'm playing a bit of catch up with many recent interesting emails....if
you haven't read Deep Secret yet, don't touch....

>"Forgive me if this has gone over the list before... but I ws just
>thinking.  The end f Deep Secret seems to leave a lot of room for a
>sequel, perhaps with Nick and Rob as the main characters... has anyone
>heard any rumors about this?  Anyone have opinions?"
I just finished re-reading this one.  I guess I don't expect a sequel
because I rather expect to be surprised at the direction from which she
comes to a story.  Not that I am against it if she's thinking of turning
over a new leaf!  Rob seemed like he might be squared away at the end,
but Nick seems like the sort of maybe/maybe not character of whom many
further tales could be told.  One never knew which way he would jump, as
dwj played up even to the very end. I don't think I recall this being
>discussed before - so if it was, maybe it's time for a refresher!

I don't think I noticed the first time how funny this is, but I was
laughing this time about how Ted Mallory goes on his spiel "Writing
fantasy is a job like any other...." and is smug about his genuine WWII
era windows without actually noticing how interesting it is to look
through them.  Or so he says - or fails to say.  And here his wife is
from another universe, his stepson and niece are heirs to a multiverse
throne, his brother-in-law is a nasty warlock - it just goes on and on.

And do you think Melvin Thurless was a lampoon on a real person?  I
began to think he was.  Someone who threw a few tantrums at a

Non-sequitor - loved the Ted Mallory demons various people talked about.
Especially the one that was like a puddle of acid which would skin your
ankles.  It was just one of those moments when you have to put the book
down and laugh. Maybe chortle is the word.  The peeping tom demon was a
chuckler too.

I don't want to flog this author too hard on a resisting populace, but
Judith Merkle Riley also has amusing demons - bad though. Downright

There were just so many good things in Deep Secret.  

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