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Mon Aug 2 22:09:24 EDT 1999

> That's one thing I really like about the Dalemark quartet. Each book has a
> specific focus different from the others and completely riveting.
>  I really
> liked Crown of Dalemark and felt like it was a good culmination
> of the whole
> thing (though I know several others feel differently, and I can see why in
> places). It's the first series I've read where the books are ALL worth my
> time.  Most series' are just bleah yich awful after about the
> first two books.
> (Or, in the case of Star Wars, after the first 3 movies.)
> Jessie

Now's the time to push the one trilogy I love where each book has a
different focus, a different atmosphere and can be read alone, but when read
in conjunction with the others creates a more complex weaving.

The author is Cherry Wilder, and I think the trilogy as a whole was called
"The Rulers of Hylor". The individual books are

The Princess of the Chamelm
The Summer's King
Yorath the Wolf

the atmosphere of each book seems to reflect the main character.

Princess is quiet and calm with a winter melancholy
The Summer's King has a strange magic and a fateful tragedy
Yorath is a fierce fighter who longs for peace and treks far to find it


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