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Mon Aug 2 14:42:09 EDT 1999

Jessie wrote:
>"I felt the same way about Menolly in the Mccafferey books - she should have
>just stopped with the first one.  And I also felt that way about Nita et al
>the Diane Duane books as they went on.  After the third one,  the characters
>wanted to know about didn't show up anymore and the whole thing got quite

>It's just so hard to understand ending up turned against a formerly favorite
>character.  Is it that the author wants the reader to lose sympathy for a
>character? That the author is basically bored of and dismissing of the
>character?  Or is it just a flub?
>"That's one thing I really like about the Dalemark quartet. Each book has a
specific focus different from the others and completely riveting."

>I enthusistically second your opinion!

>"PS also hated Ayn Rand, though I read several books because they were
>in a philosophy class. I liked to ridicule her over lunch with a group of
people who shared my low opinion."

That sounds like it was a lot of fun!  The only people I knew who had
read Rand were the friends who recommended her to me.  Once I read some,
I just couldn't look at those friends in the same light again - it's
like I then knew too much about them.  Very disenchanting.  Besides,
anyone avowedly bent on espousing total and complete ruthless
selfishness doesn't really seem like promising friend material. Of
course, once I told them it was malarkey and offered to demonstrate
using logic, textual and real-world examples, they looked upon me as
>some sort of socialist saboteur. lol!

One more thing from me on this topic - an antidote!
My bf is a huge Jack Vance fan, so I've recently been introduced.  Vance
occasionally skewers characters who feel that, because they are
tempermental geniuses, they can do whatever they please to whomever they
please.  It's like a McCaffrey/Rand antidote. 

(Early on we discovered that each of us had popped onto Rand bbs to
shred the logic of posts there, just to pass the time.  Problem with
that is, it's impossible to have a fun argument with frothing zealots,
so the game soon palled.  Perhaps more people have done this than I


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