Off topic on McCafferey with a segway to DWJ

Jessie Bishop Powell jbpowe1 at
Mon Aug 2 11:26:58 EDT 1999

I felt the same way about Menolly in the Mccafferey books - she should have
just stopped with the first one.  And I also felt that way about Nita et al in
the Diane Duane books as they went on.  After the third one,  the characters I
wanted to know about didn't show up anymore and the whole thing got quite dull.

That's one thing I really like about the Dalemark quartet. Each book has a
specific focus different from the others and completely riveting.  I really
liked Crown of Dalemark and felt like it was a good culmination of the whole
thing (though I know several others feel differently, and I can see why in
places). It's the first series I've read where the books are ALL worth my
time.  Most series' are just bleah yich awful after about the first two books.
(Or, in the case of Star Wars, after the first 3 movies.)


PS also hated Ayn Rand, though I read several books because they were assigned
in a philosophy class. I liked to ridicule her over lunch with a group of
people who shared my low opinion.

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