Tepper/thanks for book recs

Emma Comerford s369161 at student.uq.edu.au
Fri Jan 4 15:39:56 EST 1980

I (like many others!) have gratefully found wonderful new authors thanks to
the recommendatiosn of this list. There have been so many recently that
last Friday I ahppily abandoned my pile of assignments and went to the
library (armed with a long list). I haven't read many of them yet, but have
an observation on Sheri Tepper's "The Family Tree". To me many of themes
were similiar to those in David Brin's "Earth", and I think I preferred
Brins' handling of the issues. Has anyone else read the two?
However, I was enchanted by the whole tree thing, so will persist in my
Tepper reading.
I loved Steven Brust's "The Phoenix Guards", and I now trying to remember
if there were any other Brust books in the library system!
Finally, I found a copy of "The Perilous Gard" at my uni markets and
eagerly snatched it up. I like it as well...but what can compare with "Fire
and Hemlock"'s take on the Tam Lin ballad?
Off to continue reading (and studying after the guilt gets too much)

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