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Friday 3rd July (3D33)
Saturday 4th July (3D33)
Saturday 4th July (3D36)
Sunday 5th July (3D33)


Iain Emsley, The portrayal of the wizard as father figure

Ika Willis, "Mum's a silly fusspot": the queering of family in Diana Wynne Jones
Susan Ang, "It's getting a little stuffy and mouse-ish in here": Dogmata, Catastrophe and the Renaissance of Fantasy

Margaret Huber, Authority And Power In The Worlds Of Diana Wynne Jones

Jean Webb, States of being in Howl's Moving Castle and The Time of the Ghost by Diana Wynne Jones

Jenni Tyynelä, The Worlds of Chrestomanci and David Lewis's Worlds of Modality

Caroline Webb, "False Pretences" and the "Real Show": Identity and Performance in Conrad's Fate
10.00-10.30 (3D33)
Martha Hixon, Power Plays:  Paradigms of Power in Three Jones Novels

Coffee (D Block Foyer)
Coffee (3D36)

Gili Bar-Hillel, Of Moving Castles and Flying Houses

Andy Sawyer, The Howl/Sophie "trilogy" and the Need for Knowledge

Junko Nishimura, Housework: Order and Chaos
Ying Yi Fong, A Study of Literary and Interpersonal Connections in Diana Wynne Jones's Online Fandom Community Homeworld8

Jameela Lares, Discovery as Virtuous Action in the Fantasy of Diana Wynne Jones

Shana Worthen, Stew in Context
David Rudd, Building Castles in the Air: (De)construction in Howl's Moving Castle

Judith Ridge, From Alice to Aiken in the Antipodes: An Australian childhood spent in Fantasy England

Meredith MacArdle, Magical Places: a slide show tour around some speculative sites

Lunch (Felixstowe Court)
Lunch (Felixstowe Court)
1:30--2:30 (two person sessions)

Tina Rath, The Ghost and the Machine

Naomi Wood, The Humorous Numinous in Contemporary Fantasy: Diana Wynne Jones and Jonathan Stroud
Helgard Fischer, A Theory of Magic: The Year of the Griffin

Debbie Gascoyne, "Why don't you be a tiger?"  The performative, transformative and creative power of the word in the universes of Diana Wynne Jones
Jessica Yates, Loose ends in The Crown of Dalemark and some fanfictional solutions

Farah Mendlesohn, Closing Remarks
Registration and Coffee
(From 2.00-3.15pm, 3D36)

Coffee (D Block Foyer)
Coffee (3D36)

Jenny Pausacker, The Storyteller: Counsel in Diana Wynne Jones

Kyra Jucovy, Little Sister is Watching You: Archer's Goon and 1984

Teya Rosenberg, Perceiving the Other: Genre, Focalization, and Prejudice in Power of Three.
Rene Fleischbein, The Power of Language: Metafiction in Fire and Hemlock

Gabriela Steinke , The Game, and the story as game.

Maria Nikolajeva, Playing Games with the Reader

Charlie Butler, Welcome to the Conference!

Deborah Kaplan, Disrupted expectations: young/old protagonists in Diana Wynne novels

Tui Head, The Girl in Adventure Fiction
Keynote Speech
Nicholas Tucker
"Diana Wynne Jones
- Life into Art"
Guest of Honour: Sharyn November
(with a special message from Diana Wynne Jones)
Buffet Supper and Cash Bar until 23.00 (Felixstowe Court)
Drinks reception from HarperCollins and Cash Bar until 23.00 (Felixstowe Court)
Archer's Goon (Episodes1-3 3D33)
Banquet  (Felixstowe Court)

Archer's Goon (Episodes 4-6 3D33)
Conference Schedule